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Since 1994 companies like yours have reduced quality issues, shortened time to market and reduced cost using our software testing services. We have highly skilled test engineers ready to assist you.

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Improve your testing efficiency with software test automation. We can create automated tests for desktop, web and mobile applications that will save you time and money while improving your testing.

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When you need mobile apps, web apps or web sites fast, we can deliver. Our developers have expertise creating low-cost applications for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems.

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Code-level Testing
QA Training & Consulting “With LogiGear as our partner, we go home on time and sleep well at night.”
Lyndal Fry
VP of Quality Assurance, Leapfrog
The integrity of the APIs is more important than ever. Leverage our team’s specialized skills for API, database and load/performance testing to assure high levels of security, reliability, and performance. 

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Equip your teams with the skills to find bugs sooner, resolve testing challenges faster, and assure that Agile processes are well understood. We equip teams with progressive software testing practices.

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LogiGear featured in PC Mag

September 3, 2015—PC Magazine (PC Mag.com) has published an in-depth article about Vietnam's tech boom, largely based on an interview with our CEO, Hung Nguyen.