How to Evaluate Your Agile Practices

In business, when you have more revenue flowing in than money going out, it’s a general marker of success. This is a fairly straightforward measurement to follow, but not all initiatives are this simple to monitor. The agile development process is a significant change from traditional workflows and has more fluid expectations. Although agile testing methodologies and development practices have made names for themselves, many organizations are unsure how to gauge their effectiveness. Let’s take a closer look at how to evaluate your agile practices and ensure you’re maximizing their potential advantages.

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How to Improve Test Efficiency with Automation

agile-test-automationAgile’s most defining qualities are speed of delivery and testing friendliness. Automating the tests and building a sustainable, low-maintenance framework is the key to maximizing Agile’s benefits.  Doing it right requires new thinking and strategic methods—not  old or random test automation practices. When coupled with testing and driven by Action Based Testing (ABT), Agile practices will improve system development and test development.

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How to handle intermittent automated test failures

For enterprise test management professionals everywhere, automation testing has been an absolute boon to operations. By eliminating redundant oversight and testing efforts, automation ensures that code is adequately going through the test management system with as little manual effort as possible. A code once, test many times mentality helps to better guarantee software’s final quality in a fraction of the time.

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Top 3 questions to ask while creating a test plan

Top 3 questions to ask while creating a test planThe general concept of software QA is fairly straightforward: to ensure that the solution is truly ready for market. However, this is easier said than done. Devising a test management strategy that adequately vets a solution and filters out potential defects demands a concerted effort from testers as well as the developers they will be working with (assuming a DevOps mentality).

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