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LogiGear Magazine – February 2012 – The Training Issue

LogiGear Magazine – February 2012 – The Training Issue

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Letter From The Editor – February 2012

I have been training testers for about 15 years in universities, corporations, online, and individually – in both a training, managing and coaching capacity. So far, I have executed these various training efforts in 16 countries, under good and rough conditions – from simultaneous translation, to video broadcast to multiple sites, to group games with loud music; all for the purpose of skill-building for better quality software and better job satisfaction.

When I started working in software development, there were no YouTube videos, no Google TechTalks, only a small, but very good library by which to gain knowledge on testing. The best knowledge I received was from generous co-workers and by tribal knowledge learning – the “tips and tricks”, and tools of the trade.


Fun & Games: Keep Training Lively

By Michael Hackett, LogiGear

Training has to be fun.  Simple as that.  To inspire changed behaviors and adoption of new practices, training has to be interesting, motivating, stimulating and challenging. Training also has to be engaging enough to maintain interest, as trainers today are forced to compete with handheld mobile devices, interruptions from texting, email distractions, and people who think they can multi-task.


Black Box Software Testing: Test Design Course

By Cem Kaner, Online BBST

A few months ago, Dr.  Rebecca Fiedler and I published BBST—Test Design. This third course completes the Black Box Software Testing (BBST) set.  The other two courses are BB ST Foundations and BBST Bug Advocacy.  This article offers some information about the series, the design of th e series (and the underlying instructional theory) and why you might be interested in it.


Continuous Training for Test Teams

By Michael Hackett, LogiGear

In this article, I share some of my experiences and observations on training teams, mainly in corporate settings.  The operative word here is “team”, not “individual”.  When training teams or groups in an organization, many of the considerations and benefits are different than those for the individual. We’ll examine those differences and I will share successful solutions.


Coaching in Distributed Teams: Challenge, Nonsense or Added Value?

By Jaroslav Prochazka, Tieto

Have you ever tried to push heterogeneous groups of people to move in the same direction? It is quite a challenge, isn’t it? And now, imagine this situation in a distributed environment, with people whom you’ve never met, and who must be persuaded by means of phone calls or email. Welcome to our world.  We have been doing leadership coaching to developers around the world for 5 years, and in that time, have learned to rethink many of the traditional approaches to training.  When it comes to working with people scattered across the globe, we’re “not in Kansas anymore”.


Viet Nam’s ‘Golden Age’

By Brian Letwin

Viet Nam is entering its economic ‘Golden Age.’ Will the final picture resemble Japan or Thailand?


In The News

Editorial Calendar Announced

We look forward to an exciting and full 2012 as its predecessor was a tough year for many in the software business.  At LogiGear Magazine, we view 2012 as a brighter year filled with innovation and advancement. We will continue to bring you current articles and videos on the latest trends in software quality.


Harry Robinson Talks Training

At VISTACON 2011, Harry sat down with LogiGear Sr. VP, Michael Hackett, to discuss various training methodologies.

Harry Robinson

Harry Robinson is a Principal Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET) for Microsoft’s Bing team, with over twenty years of software development and testing experience at AT&T Bell Labs, HP, Microsoft, and Google, as well as time spent in the startup trenches. He currently works with Bing teams on developing effective test strategies across the product. While at Bell Labs, Harry pioneered the test generation system that won the 1995 AT&T Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Area of Quality. At Microsoft, he created the model-based test technology which won the Microsoft Best Practice Award in 2001.

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Training Glossary


A formal process of bringing about awareness, conferring knowledge and instilling skills. Teaching focuses on knowledge.


Prepares an individual or group to execute a skill. The focus of training is skill development.