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LogiGear Magazine – September 2012 – Integrated Test Platforms

LogiGear Magazine September 2012 – Integrated Test Platforms



Agile ALM and the Tools to Practice It

Armed with the right tool or set of tools, a development team can incorporate ALM into its Agile process and start reaping the benefits of Agile ALM.

By Eric Landes

As the software development industry matures, it is devising methods for ushering products from inception to completion—a process that has come to be known by the buzzword ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). Of course, development teams having been practicing ALM since software development began. The fancy acronym is the new thing!

For its part, Agile software development methods  support all aspects of ALM. In fact, Agile puts ALM practices at the forefront of software engineering. This article explains how ALM can help organizations in general and then discusses how Agile practices utilize ALM.


The Cure for Continuous Integration Testing

Do you want to speed up your automated tests by a factor of 10 and deploy your application continuously? In this article we share how the JIRA development team at Atlassian has accomplished this using Stages in Bamboo.

By Bryce Johnson

Stages have allowed the JIRA Development team to take a week’s worth of testing and condense it to one day.

Additionally, we have taken functional testing time from 8 hours to 40 minutes and use it as an “inner loop” continuous integration feedback build.

There are two primary feedback loops that the JIRA development team utilizes:


Tools for Integrated Test Platforms

Regardless of your current state of tools, building an effective Continuous Integration suite of significant automated regression tests is the key to moving to a higher level of confidence in today’s development world.

By Michael Hackett, SVP, LogiGear

In the evolution timeline of software development tools, new tools have recently proliferated. We have all been sold on collaboration, transparency and traceability – but that is not enough. Today, test tools are more often taking center stage. Integrated test platforms can push us deeper technically, help test faster, add more tools for our use and help us provide better, faster appraisals of the product under test.

In this article, I will discuss the introduction and integration of test tools into project wide tools, called ALM (application lifecycle management) and go into greater details about eXtreme Programming’s important Continuous Integration practice.


Modern Module Based Keyword Test Automaton for Visual Studio

TestArchitect for Visual Studio is a keyword authoring platform extension designed specifically to enhance coded UI test automation in Visual Studio 2012.

By Joe Luthy, Marketing Director, LogiGear

Microsoft’s Visual Studio’s ALM solution helps organizations manage the entire lifespan of application development and reduce cycle times. With the introduction of coded UI as an integrated component of Visual Studio® in 2010,Microsoft offered a built-in alternative to third party testing tools.

The coded UI framework in Visual Studio has record and playback functionality for test case creation as well as the flexibility to write tests in code. Incorporating a coded UI test platform in Visual Studio helped expand the ability for team collaboration but the burden of maintaining coded UI tests creates limitations for continuous builds and large-scale testing needs.


A Look Inside The Agile Toolbox: 10 Top ALM Tools

The pervasive use of Agile methodologies has changed the way that development teams work. With this change, new tools and vendors have entered the traditional application life-cycle arena.

From Software Consortium

A recent evaluation of this trend was published by Forrester Research, the “Agile Development Managements Tools Forrester Wave” report.

Key observations of the report:

Tools have changed to be task, management and report oriented. There has been a shift from traditional ALM tools, which focused on development artifacts and their relationship, to tools which bring change and task management to the top of the feature list, support the development team in their daily tasks, and enable work to be reported and measured.


Stephen Copp Interview on Integrated Test Platforms


Michael Hackett sat down with EA’s Stephen Copp to discuss the world of integrated test platforms.


Landscapes of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of contrasts due to its geography. This makes the country unique as it offers travelers the ability to experience a multitude of landscapes.

By Brian Letwin

From the rice-cultivating tropical lowlands, to the rich-soiled, coffee-producing highlands, Vietnam offers a unique and varied travel experience.

22% of Vietnam’s 87 million people live in the Mekong Delta, the fertile rice-basket of the country. It’s this region that grows the majority of Vietnam’s rice and makes Vietnam the leader in global rice exports, producing more rice than South Korea and Japan combined.


Continuous Integration in .NET

Times have changed, the tools have improved, and with books like this available you have no reason to not give CI a go.

By Tad Anderson

I still remember the first time I was on a project that used NAnt and CruiseControl.NET. It was years ago and both were new tools with plenty of bugs. The project manager took one of the team’s architects and dedicated him to getting CI up and running. I didn’t work with him for another 9 months. It was a complete nightmare. Every morning was dedicated to finding out why the builds failed, fixing the issue, and then manually rerunning the builds until successful. Then it was off to show management the new build reports. It didn’t take long for them to not want to be hassled with the process. A year after it all began the code base was removed from the CI process and went back to manual builds.

Not a very good story to start the review of a book on CI that I highly recommend you read. Times have changed, the tools have improved, and with books like this available you have no reason to not give CI a go. You may have plenty of excuses, but no reasons. Luckily this book contains a nice summary of excuses commonly used and does a nice job of debunking them.


Glossary: Integrated Test Platforms

ALM (Application Lifecycle Management):

A continuous process of managing the life of an application through governance, development and maintenance. ALM is the marriage of business management to software engineering made possible by tools that facilitate and integrate requirements management, architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release management.

Source Control:

There are many source control tools, and they are all different.  However, regardless of which tool you use, it is likely that your source control tool provides some or all of the following basic features:

  • A place to store your source code.
  • A historical record of what you have done over time.
  • A way for developers to work on separate tasks in parallel, merging their efforts later.
  • A way for developers to work together without getting in each others’ way.