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Google working to get Android under Control

shutterstock_83530636.wid250In an effort to take on the issue of fragmentation – one of the most vexing problems with Android – Google is negotiating deals with chipmakers, The Information reports. By working directly with chip partners who implement its designs, Google plans to create hardware that works seamlessly with Android, just as Apple products do with iOS.

According to one estimate, there are over 18,700 distinct versions of Android, compared to Apple’s five or six.  This fragmentation of the Android ecosystem has become a major headache for Google, not to mention phone makers and testers. By exerting more control over the Android world, Google would not only make life easier for everyone, but also be in a better position to offer new features more rapidly.

Source: eWeek Why Google Might Want to Design Chips for Android Phones



2Apple’s ioS 9 Search API Is Huge For App Developers

On stage at WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) Apple’s Craig Federighi announced new developer tools to give app makers deeper search powers in iOS 9. The new search API will offer developers deep linking, and their users will be able to more easily conjure search results from within third-party apps with a single tap. The neat part, you do not need a web version counterpart like you currently do with Google’s App Indexing protocol.





Action Based Testing (ABT) is an efficient method of test development that provides a systematic approach to avoid the significant issues that limit the success of automated testing. It is a great method for test development and to facilitate that LogiGear has developed an ABT template that provides both the syntax and structure for developing ABT tests. The basic template can be found on page 10, and a fully documented template can be found at


In the news – December 2014


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September Testing Mobile (Enterprise Mobility, Internet of Things, Web Services, The Mobilization of Testing)
December Test Automation (Continuous Integration, Test Automation and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), Mobile Test Automation, Test Design is the key to successful Automation)

In the News – September 2014

Lock and cross mark.According to Gartner most mobile apps fail security tests

A new report from researcher Gartner claims that 75 percent of mobile apps won’t pass the most foundational of security tests. That means enterprises accommodating a mobile workforce with BYOD (bring your own device) policies in which employees can access sensitive information or carry out normal business activities may inadvertently compromise networks and expose confidential data. Dionisio Zumerle, a Gartner principal analyst, stated that testing the mobile applications code and graphical user interface doesn’t go far enough. Enterprises must secure the servers that communicate with mobile clients to access a business’s applications and databases as well. Source:


In The News – August 2014

Agile Testers Must Develop New Mindset: Janet Gregory Testers have a vital role to play in the agile world, but in order to do so, they need to develop a distinct mindset. Speaking at a workshop hosted by IndigoCube, Janet Gregory, a leading international expert in agile testing, outlined the characteristics of an agile tester. “The agile tester no longer sees herself as someone whose main purpose is to identify bugs or ensure that specific requirements are met. Agile testers are thinkers and take a much broader view, asking: ‘What can I do to help deliver the software successfully?’ says Gregory. “The ideal agile tester is analytical, curious, observant and critical–combines a wide cross-functional knowledge with deep skills in the discipline of testing.”


In The News – February

Video: The Importance of Regression Testing

JoEllen West says that development shops must conduct thorough Regression testing to mitigate the instances where a change to the codebase breaks a feature in the software. Iterative development, Unit testing, Automated testing, Continuous Integration, and testing early and often are the more accepted design practices in regression testing. Regression testing can be either continuous or you can have a regression testing iteration at the end of every development cycle.

West says it’s also preferable to automate many regression tests, especially if you’re using the Continuous method.  West concludes by explaining how a manager will know if their regression testing strategy is working. You can watch the interview here:


In the News – December 2013

Lloyds Bank Using Service Virtualization to Cut Costs

Lloyds Bank’s use of service virtualization has helped it cut app development costs by reducing testing times and highlighting defects earlier so that they can be fixed less expensively.

The bank, which uses CA Technologies’ LISA service virtualization, told the CA Expo 13 conference in London how its DevOps team used the tool to help deliver major business changes – expanding its internet channel, developing its mobile proposition and optimizing business processes – more cost effectively.


In the News – September 2013

New Report on Global Software Testing Market

MarketResearchReports.Biz recently released a report on the state of global software testing market. The report predicts that the Global Software Testing Services market will continue to grow steadily at a combined average growth rate of 5.41 percent over the next three years.

The key factors the report cited as contributing to market growth are the reduction in operation time and cost. Other contributing factors are the increased demand for testing as a number of organizations are embedding testing into the software development process as part of the adoption of the independent Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMi) as cited in a report by Experimentus.