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By  Alister

I’ve spent the last six months or so testing mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Here’s eight of my key lessons learned:

  1. Automated UI testing tools for mobile apps are immature: whilst tools like WebDriver for automated UI testing of web apps are very mature, automated UI testing of native mobile apps is the opposite. Whilst Appium shows some promise as a cross-platform UI testing tool for mobile apps, in my opinion, the maintenance overhead is still high as the tests are quite flaky. I recommend more thorough automated unit and integration testing, possibly supplemented with WebView tests (see below) and some exploratory manual app testing of the UI.

Münster, Germany - August 25, 2011: A close up of an Apple iPhone 4 screen showing various social media apps, including Skype, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, tumblr, foursquare, and Messenger.



By Daniel Knott

This article will cover 10 common mobile app testing mistakes to avoid when you are a software tester working in a mobile app testing and development environment. The 10 points may help you to start your mobile testing activities if you are new to mobile testing or they may help you to recap your existing mobile testing approaches.



LogiGear Magazine – Sept 2015 – Mobile Testing: It’s All in the UX

LogiGear Magazine, September 2015: Mobile Testing



Michael Hackett

In every year since 2011, we have devoted one edition of our magazine to the topic of mobile testing. In this year’s issue on mobile, we focus on testing from the point of view of the user experience.

Most teams start with UI testing, and it may seem basic — until you look at the importance and uniqueness of UI testing for mobile apps and websites. There’s a lot to understand, but the most important thing is that mobile users aren’t very bug tolerant. Their expectation is flawless performance.



You Need a Mobile Testing Strategy

Denim_girl_with_phone.02Whether Or Not You Have a Mobile App

By Tim Hinds

You’re walking down the street. You see something interesting, and you want to know more about it. What do you do? Do you wait until you get home, open up your laptop, and type “” into your search bar?


Mobile Testing is Mission Critical

shutterstock_110616332Users aren’t likely to forgive and forget buggy apps.

By Joe Luthy, LogiGear Corporation

Mobile has big implications for business. The mobile experience is the customer experience, and you don’t get many second chances.


Unwrapping the Box

shutterstock_80647540Strategies to Approach Mobile Web App Testing

By Raj Subramanian

Mobile web technology has been continuously changing over the past few years, making “keeping up” challenging. In this article, Raj Subramanian covers the latest trends and changes happening in the mobile web and how testers can prepare for them.


Mobile & Web Performance Testing


Don’t make the mistake of assuming too many similarities.

By Atin Chak

It is common knowledge that mobile applications don’t function in the same way as their web-based counterparts. The user experience is affected by a few other factors such as device and network capability. If you are building out a performance testing strategy for your mobile website or native mobile application, avoid migrating your existing test plans to a mobile environment, because it’s not that easy. There are extreme differences between performance testing of mobile and web applications, and you need a plan that gives those factors the attention they deserve.


A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Application Testing


What you need to know to get started

by Nancy Ratnakar

Introduction to mobile application testing

Gone are the days when the telephone was an appliance that sat in a corner and had to ring to get our attention, or a computer was a machine only few people used — these devices are now an extension of our being — a window to the world and virtual servants that do as they are told. Computers became a rage and changed how we humans thought, behaved, learned and existed.

Mobile technology and smart devices are the trend now and will change the future of the world as we know it. We all can vouch for that, can’t we?


Free, online mobile device emulators

A sampling of some free, online, and easy-to-use mobile device emulators that can help get you started with testing.



A free, customizable tool to test your website on any screen size, including desktops, tablets, televisions, and mobile phones.