The Business Case for Offshore Outsourcing to Vietnam

Introduction This article provides a business case for considering Vietnam as an offshore outsourcing destination. It starts by outlining a framework for evaluating potential outsourcing destinations. It then proceeds to evaluate Vietnam against the framework, demonstrating that Vietnam is worthy of strong consideration as an offshore outsourcing destination.

Global Test Automation Strategy: 10 Strategic Points for Executives to Remember

Introduction Global Test Automation is a strategy that integrates manual software testing, test automation, and global resource strategies to maximize the benefits of software testing while minimizing the costs. For executives, there are ten key points to remember when embarking on a strategy of Global Test Automation, which are enumerated in this article.

Building a Successful Global Training Program for Software Testing

This article was adapted from a presentation titled “Build a Successful Global Training Program” to be presented by Michael Hackett, LogiGear Vice President, Business Strategy and Operations, at the Software Test & Performance Conference 2006 at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Massachusetts (November 7 – 9, 2006). Introduction This article describes how best to prepare yourself …

The Outsourcing/Offshoring Top 5: Suggested Best Practices

This article was developed from concepts in the book Global Software Test Automation: Discussion of Software Testing for Executives. Introduction The top five pitfalls encountered by organizations outsourcing/offshoring software testing are: Problematic communications Insufficient or mismatched skill sets at software test organization Management issues Vendor and infrastructure problems Offshoring risks Following are five “best practice” …