VIDEO SERIES: Testing in DevOps & Continuous Testing

If you haven’t already caught a glimpse, we announced in January the Testing in DevOps and Continuous Testing videos series, available on YouTube!

There’s no doubt that DevOps is taking over the software development sphere. Many companies are now debating how DevOps will fit in with their current Agile or Scrum practices. It’s important that test teams are knowledgeable and prepared for the practices and ideas to embark on this rewarding journey.

This video series will equip anyone in software testing, who would like to better understand the DevOps practice, the key roles of Ops, Dev and IT teams, and how it relates to software testing as a whole. This especially pertains to test managers and testers who must be armed with information as processes are set up and optimized. The series focuses on both general understanding and practices, with some opinions on the culture shifts needed to get DevOps/Continuous Testing started right in your organization.

Get on your toes and click below to watch!




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