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Survey Part 4 – Modern Distributed Test Teams

Take our survey on test team-related issues!

We’ve launched our last survey in the State of Software Testing series. At LogiGear, we want to provide you with the best tools, knowledge, and support for testing your applications. We’re looking for answers to important questions on various topics within the testing field—you can help us find them by taking this survey.

This survey is like no other; unlike our continuous delivery or automation survey it doesn’t solely cover processes. Instead, we wanted to focus on the people side of testing, and the factors that make up great test teams. This survey covers a fair mix of topics like training, staffing, outsourcing, management, and team conflict.

The questions were designed for both management, and non-management alike, so that means you don’t have to be in management to take this survey. It contains just a few questions and can be done in a snap! Take part now and find out how you compare to others when we share the results in our December issue of LogiGear Magazine.

We value your opinion and privacy so all responses are kept confidential and will be presented only in the aggregate. You will not be asked to disclose any proprietary information that could put your company’s own security at risk. Our goal is to simply understand professionals’ current perceptions as a whole.

The survey is now open but will only be available until November 19th. The results are sure to bring an excellent insight and we’re very grateful for your time and effort.

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