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BJ Rollison shares his thoughts on the testing industry in Viet Nam

BJ Rollison, Software Test Architect for Microsoft, is planning to speak at the Viet Nam International Software Testing Automation Conference 2010 (VISTACON 2010) hosted by LogiGear Corporation from 20 – 22 September 2010.

Mr. Rollison started working for Microsoft in 1994, becoming one of the leading experts of test architecture and execution at Microsoft. He also teaches software testing courses for the University of Washington, and sits on the advisory board for testing certification at the University of Washington, the University of California Extension Santa Cruz, and Lake Washington Technical College.

In his keynote address, he will be sharing ideas on some of the influences driving change in software testing, some common problems in our discipline, and suggestions on ways we can meet our future testing challenges.


Building Vietnam’s Leading Center For Software Testing

An Interview With Hung Nguyen, Founder and CEO of LogiGear Corporation

This interview was published by Saigon Entrepreneur Weekly (Issue 186, February 2, 2007), the most respected and widely read business magazine in Vietnam.

Hung Nguyen is a well known author of best selling books about software testing in the United States and is a widely recognized software testing industry thought leader. He has helped many major multinational companies with their software testing efforts. While Hung may be well known in the software testing industry, the industry sector is virtually unknown to many Vietnamese.