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In The News – April 2012

At VISTACON 2011, Jane sat down with LogiGear Sr. VP, Michael Hackett, to discuss 24/7 complex systems.

As an industry veteran with more than fifteen years of experience, Jane Fraser brought her expertise from the e-commerce and telecom industry to the online gaming world when she joined Pogo in 2004.  In her role as QA director, Jane oversees the QA department which includes, Club Pogo, Facebook games, iPhone games and a downloadable business.  She has successfully launched more than 60 games in six territories including Scrabble and Battleship.


Jungle Testing

By Hans Buwalda, CTO, LogiGear Corporation

As I write this article I am sitting at a table at StarEast, one of the major testing conferences. As you can expect from a testing conference, a lot of talk and discussion is about bugs and how to find them. What I have noticed in some of these discussions, however, is a lack of differentiation between the different types of bugs that I think is essential for testing success.