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LogiGear September Issue 2019: Advancing Automation
This issue of the LogiGear Magazine is focused on Test Automation-as the September issue has been over the past few years. Test Automation is an essential part of this. We are here to keep you up to date on not only the basic topics, but also in intermediate and advanced topics surrounding Test Automation and strategy as well.
 A Personal Look Back at 25 Years in Software Testing in Silicon Valley

A Personal Look Back at 25 Years in Software Testing in Silicon Valley

A 25 year anniversary provides a unique opportunity to examine the impact of software testing, not just here in Silicon Valley, but globally.
 Beginner’s Guide To Continuous Testing

Beginner’s Guide To Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing helps you to answer the question: “Does the release candidate have the accepted level of risk?”. It acts as the key driver for DevOps.
Who we are

We provide leading-edge software testing technologies and expertise services that enable our customers to accelerate business growth while having confidence in the software they deliver.

About Us
Who we are


Functional Testing

LogiGear's functional software testing service provides organizations with integration, acceptance, regression, UI, and API testing. We take your specifications or use cases and execute functional tests to verify that your application conforms to your requirements.

Load and Performance Testing

Performance issues are costly to fix when found late in the SDLC. Get automated performance testing implemented early and finished within the same iteration with Dev for lower costs and quicker time to market.

Automated Testing

Reduce your testing cycle time without sacrificing quantity or quality of testing. We have deep expertise in test automation and can perform test automation for desktop and large-scale web and mobile applications.

Games Testing

Games Testing is a highly technical area of testing, and requires thought and precision. With the explosion of gaming, having a thorough strategy for your game to have the best UX is essential. We have specialized game testers with extensive experience in hundreds of games across many genres and gaming platforms.

API Testing

In order to support the rapid release schedules in Continuous Delivery/DevOps development method, automated testing must shift from a GUI extensive approach to a UI-and-API approach. Unlike GUI testing, API testing can be started much earlier in the development process. API tests run much faster and are much more stable than GUI tests.

QA Training Curriculum

LogiGear University’s corporate training program helps organizations equip their testers with the relevant concepts, strategies, test methods and skills needed to effectively test increasingly complex software applications, and leading SDLC processes like DevOps.


Mobile Testing Solution

LogiGear offers end-to-end mobile testing services to enable you to continuously deliver top quality and performance for your mobile apps. We employ a balanced combination of test automation for both UI & API, performance testing, and manual exploratory testing to enable you to continuously deliver top quality and performance on your mobile apps.

Continuous Testing Solution

Leverage the expertise of LogiGear to transform the testing process your business from manual to continuous testing with our jump-start package & and achieve an end-to-end CI Testing solution to achieve positive ROI instantly.

Selenium Automation Solution

We are a certified Sauce Labs partner. We can help you jump-start your test automation practice by designing, building and scale a selenium framework to fit your organization’s needs.

TestArchitect Test Automation Solution

Take advantage of both LogiGear's TestArchitect test automation tool, and service team our jump-start package. We’ll work alongside your team to customize TestArchitect to fit your needs.

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