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LogiGear offers comprehensive solutions for enterprise and technology companies with a focus on user adoption. Our unique perspective allows us to serve both types of clients throughout the digital product life cycle.

About Us

Company Background

LogiGear Corporation is a dynamic technology company established in Silicon Valley in 1994. The company has expanded its expertise through strategic acquisitions and now has four primary practice areas.

Our Software Development unit was born out of the offshore development work of TP&P, based in Vietnam.

Our Testing and QA unit leverages our heritage. since 1994 in the software testing industry

The ERP practice is focused on Oracle JD Edwards and was born out of our acquisition of DWS.

Our CRM practice, focused on Salesforce cloud consulting and IT services, was born out of our acquisition of MK Partners.

The LogiGear Culture Defined by the Employees

Our values of Integrity, Empathy, Respect, and Teamwork guide us in fostering a transparent, compassionate, and inclusive work environment.


Demonstrating honesty, ethics, and transparency in all business dealings. It also involves standing up for what is right and not always just going after profit. Having strong morals and putting others first.


Treating others with dignity, fairness, and consideration. It means recognizing the inherent worth of every person and their right to be treated with kindness and civility, regardless of their background, beliefs, or opinions.


Fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment and valuing the contributions of all team members. It involves actively seeking out and valuing the perspectives, ideas, and contributions of others, and being willing to work cooperatively to achieve shared objectives.

Team Work

Delivering exceptional customer service and support through seamless teamwork, building trust and loyalty by consistently exceeding client expectations and working together to achieve mutual goals.

By prioritizing honesty, accountability, collaboration, and ethical standards, we actively listen and communicate with kindness and respect, maximizing individual and collective potential. Embodying these values leads to personal and professional growth, a diverse and innovative company culture, and exceptional client experiences, ultimately driving long-term success and shared achievements.

Executive Team

Jim Ellis | CEO youtube
Thomas Fujinaga | CFO youtube
Wade Erickson | COO youtube
Tullio Siragusa | CSMO youtube


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