Digital Transformation requires a strong practice in both Test Automation and implementation of new technologies & processes like DevOps and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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It’s commonly acknowledged that companies may lack the in-house technical expertise for Automation. Often, companies adopt Agile/SAFe and DevOps, but find that their testing suites are not delivering the rapid feedback that’s needed.

Test Automation Tools

We offer Test Automation services around the following toolsets

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Work with LogiGear’s services team to customize TestArchitect
LogiGear is the creator of TestArchitect. Whether you’re Agile, or looking to implement Continuous Testing, TestArchitect has your Automated Testing needs covered. We can help you customize and configure TestArchitect to meet your objectives.
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The next generation for LogiGear’s TestArchitect Tool
Gondola Studio is an integrated Test Automation framework for your modern applications running on Android & iOS, mobile browsers and desktop browsers. You can customize it for your needs.
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Leverage LogiGear’s proprietary Selenium Framework
We can work with you to unlock the power of Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid using our custom framework to help you automate and release higher quality web applications faster.
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The biggest challenges associated with implementing RPA often occur with teams that lack expertise in RPA. Setting up RPA needs an expert for every stage of the process; LogiGear’s staff is trained in leading RPA Solutions and can guide you through your RPA Journey.

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