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Today’s consumers are in the midst of an automotive revolution sparked by increasing amounts of software into automobiles in the name of comfort, convenience, and safety. Some vehicles are finding themselves having upwards of 100 or more electronic control units (ECUs)! ECUs are the main driver of every car’s major function from acceleration, to braking, to the Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems that are essentially mainstream computers.

The problem here is that though low level of standards (AUTOSAR and matlab, and other operating system layer standards), they may not contribute to Automation testing until all of the EMC components come together in the prototype car.

Test Automation, when done right, can be the solution to test systems in automobiles.

Testing embedded systems for cars is a daunting task. Today’s modern cars can contain up to 100 or more electronic control units (ECUs). ECUs today control essentially every major function of a car, from acceleration to braking. Furthermore, not all of the ECUs are not manufactured by the same company; thus, it may be difficult to start testing until all the components come together in a prototype car—and by that time, there might not be enough time to completely ensure that the car is ready for the road!

LogiGear’s Comprehensive Testing Services

Automotive mobile application testing
Sensor testing
Infotainment & sound system testing
GUI testing
Testing embedded systems
Learn how LogiGear helps you flex your Continuous Testing muscle

LogiGear’s Test Automation Approach

LogiGear‘s solution includes reusable frameworks that are preconfigured for automotive software and Automation professionals who work closely with clients to understand the specific pain-points, and then create a tailored Automation solution that can provide outstanding ROI.

  • Continuous Testing strategy
  • Tools & framework
  • Specialized Automation experts
  • Recommend Automation best practices
  • Test execution
  • Scalability & maintainability
  • Maintenance & support

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