Working with APIs: Testing for a Collaborative End Result

Today’s testers have to be good at dealing with software that’s based on a different kind of source code, a codebase that includes many modular add-ons called Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. An API makes a software product “usable” by others. For example, if you have a piece of business software that uses some sort of file-sharing widget, it will incorporate that widget’s API, basically “plugging in” that smaller product’s source code and making it a part of the whole sophisticated architecture that customers pay for. 

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Breaking Out of the Status Quo

Breaking Out of the Status QuoJust about every organization goes through times when the internal team cannot execute a testing project fast enough. Reasons range from the magnitude of the project, to lack of an effective test strategy, to staff positions going unfilled. The speed of Agile development and rapid delivery of product also increases testing technical debt.

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