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Why Outsource Software Testing to Vietnam?

There’s a reason so many major companies are outsourcing to Vietnam. Intel is building the largest semiconductor plant in the world in Vietnam. IBM, Sony and dozens of other Major corporations have opened centers in Vietnam in the last few years.

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Joe Hughes
Joe has more than 25 years of executive management experience in computer software and networking and is responsible for customer facing operations.

Prior to joining LogiGear in 2007, Joe held senior executive roles at Solovatsoft, a provider of outsourced IT services with resources in Russia, and Mark Systems, a software firm specializing in large-scale data retrieval systems and telephone-computer integration. His professional background includes software development management, customer service operations and technical writing.

Joe holds a BS in computer science and math, is a graduate of the Stanford MBA program for Senior Executives, and has completed the E-Commerce Management program at San José State University.