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Continuous Quality – Ethical Aspects of Software Testing

Daily, we are pushing the boundaries of how fast we can deliver software. Delivering something new, better, faster than our competition can mean incredible payoff and we are constantly being asked to cut costs and deliver more, faster, cheaper. But then suddenly you wake up to 189 dead in a plane crash or having to take down and redesign your entire banking service because the architecture didn’t hold up to the load.

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Lena Wiberg
Consultant manager at Lemontree & VP of Marketing and branding at the Association for Software Testing
Lena Wiberg is a developer who found testing and stayed. She had worked in most roles associated with testing and is passionate about continuous improvement. Lena is currently a consultant manager at Lemontree, a Swedish consultancy firm specialized in software quality. She is also one of the directors of the Association for Software Testing (
Lena loves facilitating workshops, mentoring and speaking at conferences on topics related to quality and software. You can find her on most social media but is particularly fond of twitter (@LenaPejgan)