Our New Trends Issue is Coming!


While compiling our September 2016 issue of LogiGear Magazine, we felt that we had so much content for SMAC that it was too much to keep for just one issue. Consequently, we had our December issue also focus on SMAC and decided to run a special edition this January that focuses solely on trends. In our ten year history, this is our first trends issue and you won’t want to miss it, so stay tuned!

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Why You Need a Software Specific Plan

Why You Need a Software Specific PlanExperience-based recommendations to test the brains that drive the devices.

In essentially every embedded system there is some sort of product testing. Typically there is a list of product-level requirements (what the product does), and a set of tests designed to make sure the product works correctly. For many products there is also a set of tests dealing with fault conditions (e.g., making sure that an overloaded power supply will correctly shed load). And many companies think this is enough, but I’ve found that such tests usually fall short in many cases.

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Testing Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Software Testing's New FrontierThe latest issue of LogiGear Magazine is out!

In this issue, Michael Hackett discusses the landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT) with Joe Luthy; Jon Hagar gives expert recommendations for testing the IoT; understanding new areas for traditional testers working in the IoT; Phillip Koopman suggests that those performing embedded testing have software specific test plan; Auriga’s Andrey Pronin writes about the importance of a highly organized testing process and Essensium/Mind’s Arnout Vandecappelle reminds us that team collaboration is essential for testing embedded systems. 

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