How Are Your Testing Practices?

We often find teams that don’t have enough knowledge of the basics. They regularly lack support from management, and also don’t have access to the right tools. Despite all the obstacles, the testers are expected to carry the burden of driving exceptional quality and customer satisfaction for the company.

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Back to the Future: The Essential Basics of Software Testing


If you’ve been in the industry for a long time, you’ll probably remember when test teams sat in their own secluded area, idly waiting for code handoff, and were discouraged from “bothering” developers. There may have been a lot of running around to qualify builds, do smoke tests, verify bug fixes, and comb through the build notes for feature changes.

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A Special Edition of LogiGear Magazine has Landed!


For as long as I have been in software testing, there has been a constant demand to grow technology, grow skills, automate more, and do it all faster (that is a given). What has been so remarkable recently is the rate at which these demands shift gears and move in different directions, new products, and evolving technologies.

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How to Improve Test Efficiency with Automation

agile-test-automationAgile’s most defining qualities are speed of delivery and testing friendliness. Automating the tests and building a sustainable, low-maintenance framework is the key to maximizing Agile’s benefits.  Doing it right requires new thinking and strategic methods—not  old or random test automation practices. When coupled with testing and driven by Action Based Testing (ABT), Agile practices will improve system development and test development.

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