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My Attempt to Clarify My “Everything” Statement

I got some comments on my post “Test Everything all the Time” — most notably people commenting that it’s impossible to test “everything”. I can’t agree more. The intention of the post was to make the point that we need to be able to test “everything we can” all the time. That is, you should be constantly iterating your automation, and not “waiting to run” the automation. Also, the point was to talk about how test design can solve all of your problems, not the automation tool. The tool is just a means to an end.

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Giving an Atomic Bomb to a Caveman…

The challenges with any automation effort is to know your capability.  I’ve seen too many automation efforts begin and end with a tool decision.  Generally these tools are very complex pieces of software that do many more things then we would ever use in our normal everyday testing.   It even adds more misery to the situation when we give this new tool to people who are entirely incapable of using and scaling the “newly” selected savior to our automation effort. Continue reading

Four Software Testing Challenges We Must Repeatedly Overcome

I recently came back from the Software Testing & Evaluation Summit in Washington, DC hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association. The objective of the workshop is to help recommend policy and guidance changes to the Defense enterprise, focusing on improving the practice and productivity of software testing and evaluation (T&E) approaches in Defense acquisition.

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