How to define your testing scope

Development and quality assurance teams are under strict deadlines to send out deliverables and complete other tasks within a sprint. As these timeframes continue to tighten, it’s important for teams to effectively use agile testing methodologies to keep up with all requirements. Teams must realize that a significant amount of available time will go toward creating features, and that there isn’t going to be infinite space for QA processes.

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Adapting to industry changes: Tips to smoothly integrate change into your organization

Like death and taxes, change is simply inevitable. Just about every company out there, no matter the industry, needs to accept this fact or find itself out of business in short order. As customer demands and the competition shift, organizations need to be prepared to pivot and adapt as necessary. That is one truth that is unlikely to change anytime soon. There’s a reason that the quality assurance metrics most commonly used in software development testing have changed so much over the past decade, for example.

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