How to define your testing scope

Development and quality assurance teams are under strict deadlines to send out deliverables and complete other tasks within a sprint. As these timeframes continue to tighten, it’s important for teams to effectively use agile testing methodologies to keep up with all requirements. Teams must realize that a significant amount of available time will go toward creating features, and that there isn’t going to be infinite space for QA processes.

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Top 3 questions to ask while creating a test plan

Top 3 questions to ask while creating a test planThe general concept of software QA is fairly straightforward: to ensure that the solution is truly ready for market. However, this is easier said than done. Devising a test management strategy that adequately vets a solution and filters out potential defects demands a concerted effort from testers as well as the developers they will be working with (assuming a DevOps mentality).

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Agile software development

Agile Software DevelopmentAgile software development or Agile programming supports the evolution of the transformation process in the life cycles of software development projects. Agile also have a unique number of  pros and cons.

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