A Special Edition of LogiGear Magazine has Landed!


For as long as I have been in software testing, there has been a constant demand to grow technology, grow skills, automate more, and do it all faster (that is a given). What has been so remarkable recently is the rate at which these demands shift gears and move in different directions, new products, and evolving technologies.

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Adapting to industry changes: Tips to smoothly integrate change into your organization

Like death and taxes, change is simply inevitable. Just about every company out there, no matter the industry, needs to accept this fact or find itself out of business in short order. As customer demands and the competition shift, organizations need to be prepared to pivot and adapt as necessary. That is one truth that is unlikely to change anytime soon. There’s a reason that the quality assurance metrics most commonly used in software development testing have changed so much over the past decade, for example.

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Our New Trends Issue is Coming!


While compiling our September 2016 issue of LogiGear Magazine, we felt that we had so much content for SMAC that it was too much to keep for just one issue. Consequently, we had our December issue also focus on SMAC and decided to run a special edition this January that focuses solely on trends. In our ten year history, this is our first trends issue and you won’t want to miss it, so stay tuned!

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Cloud testing: Why, what, when and how?

Cloud TestingIn recent memory, cloud computing has morphed from a much-hyped but not used technology into something that is now central to just about every business imaginable. For example, according to one 2014 study, the percentage of apps hosted in the cloud is expected to rise from 20 percent in 2013 to 35 percent by 2017. By 2020, it’s possible that next to nothing will be on-premises in the traditional sense anymore.

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