Celebrate Microsoft’s Visual Studio 20th anniversary with TestArchitect for Visual Studio


Microsoft’s Visual Studio is kick starting their 20th anniversary with the new launch of their upgraded tool: Visual Studio 2017. The IDE improvement will be ready to download on Tuesday March 7, 2017, and will coincide with Microsoft’s virtual event taking place March 7 – 8th.

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A Special Edition of LogiGear Magazine has Landed!


For as long as I have been in software testing, there has been a constant demand to grow technology, grow skills, automate more, and do it all faster (that is a given). What has been so remarkable recently is the rate at which these demands shift gears and move in different directions, new products, and evolving technologies.

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How to Leverage TestArchitect in DevOps

testarhitectIt is a fundamental role for testing teams to align their test design, test automation, and test case development with DevOps–not only to verify that code changes work but that the changes do not break the product. A key differentiator of DevOps is testing maturity. An organization can automate their integration, testing, delivery, and monitor, but still have issues with the intelligence of test orchestration and automation, which can lead to a bottleneck if this is not resolved beforehand.

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