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About MK Partners

MK Partners has been California’s #1 Salesforce consultant for over 15 years. We’ve helped thousands of organizations, agencies, and businesses realize the full potential of the platform—all while leading the nation in customer satisfaction. Whether you need to get a brand new org off the ground, re-start a stalled project, or take your vision from “back of the napkin” into reality, MK Partners can help!


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Implementation & Go-Live

MK Partners has helped hundreds of clients roll out Salesforce for the first time. Whether you're replacing a system, integrating with one, or starting up from scratch, Salesforce trusts us to get their new clients off the ground—quickly, effectively, and right back to business.

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Coding, Customization, & Development

Feel like there's a feature missing that would make your life easier, processes smoother, and your business better? Let us build it for you! Apps, components, pages, integrations —our certified Dev Team is up to the task. We've built ground-up solutions for thousands of our clients.

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Staff Augmentation

Need “on-call” help for those unforeseen, but urgent, asks? We offer staff augmentation service packages to clients who don't have the internal resources to execute their vision. Certified Administrators, Developers, data security, and support, all only a “ping” away. All without the headaches that can come from a lengthy hiring process.

We're Here to Help

Salesforce is one of the most-powerful platforms in the world, and no 2 instances are identical. After completing 2,200+ projects for 1,100+ clients, we know exactly what it’ll take to get you from vision to rollout, and beyond.

  • Get the system you were sold
  • Drive adoption and understanding
  • Realize the full ROI from your tech investment

We Do Business Differently

We’re not “consultants,” we’re partners. Sounding boards, system admins, and Salesforce experts—we specialize in making the complex comprehensible and translating plain-English needs into platform-supported solutions that work the way you want them to. We don’t “pigeon-hole” projects, organizations, or offer one-size-fits-all opportunities. We only charge for the hours we work and, after 14 years in business, we work effectively, efficiently, and ethically every day for our clients.

  • Knowledgeable, experienced, proven Salesforce experts
  • No outsourcing, no offshoring, & no contractors
  • Fair billing—no fees, overcharges, or surprises
  • Nationwide leader in Customer Satisfaction
  • Clients in every vertical and industry

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