Automation Test Engineer (Selenium,Performance Testing)

Among so many roles and responsibilities of an automation tester, an Automation engineer is mainly responsible for analyzing the functionality of applications and designing automated tests to validate their performance. You will also work to find out bugs, install databases, and collaborate with the software design team. In order to ensure your success as a test automation engineer, make sure to have advanced programming skills, a keen eye for detail, and excellent project management skills. A skilled automation test engineer can design and write efficient test procedures for every software application.

Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Tester

  • Coordinate with the software design team to talk about the different verification protocols
  • Find out the weaknesses and target areas of a software application
  • Come up with ideas for automated software test procedures
  • Check but report and find problem areas
  • Designing and installing software databases
  • Figure out quality issues and creating test reports

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