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LogiGear Announces New Low-Code Automation Tool: Gondola by TestArchitect

San Mateo, CA – July 7th, 2020 - LogiGear, a world leader in Software Testing solutions, today announced the newest addition to the TestArchitect™ family, TestArchitect Gondola. This new Gondola product is designed to empower big and small QA teams with all technical levels to meet the rapid demand of their DevOps and Digital Transformations initiatives.

Gondola Free comes with 2 agent licenses and allows for cross-platform Automation across desktop browsers, mobile browsers and mobile native apps. Gondola utilizes Action-Based Testing, the keyword-driven testing methodology in the TestArchitect family to speed up test development & test maintainability. Additionally, Gondola Free is free forever without any feature limitations or limitations on the number of test creation users.

Gondola Enterprise is the first commercial tool in the TestArchitect product line that after purchase, allows customers access to the source code and complete framework ownership. From the third agent onwards, Gondola Enterprise licenses can be purchased to help QA teams speed up their test execution time via parallel execution, both on-premises and on cloud.

Gondola key features

  • Productivity Tool for Mobile & Web: With the new Gondola Test Builder tool, testers can speed up their test creation for mobile pre-installed apps, native apps, and mobile web apps. This Gondola Test Builder tool can also be used for web apps running on desktop browsers.
  • Low-code Framework on Top of Powerful Open Source Libraries: Testers don’t have to struggle with programming problems associated with open source tools. They’re able to access open-source libraries without the pains of coding or framework maintenance.
  • Intuitive Spreadsheet-like IDE: Gondola Test Designer is a spreadsheet-like IDE of Gondola Studio. Instead of coding every test step in a test case, testers can leverage key features of Gondola Test Designer; for example, the keyword reusability and auto-complete feature can be used to speed up test development.
  • High Extensibility & Supportability: Gondola is highly customizable due to its open architecture and plugin mechanism. With some coding, a few Automation Engineers can support a larger team.
  • Shift-left Movement, DevOps Pipeline Integrations and Cloud-native: QA Teams will find that Gondola is a perfect match for their shift-left & DevOps journeys thanks to its flexible integrations for DevOps pipelines on-premise, hybrid, or purely cloud.

“We are pleased to introduce Gondola to the TestArchitect family. By embracing the open-source culture, we are pleased to offer a low-coding commercial alternative. Gondola helps renew our commitment to providing robust Test Automation solutions to the market today.” said Hung Nguyen, CEO of LogiGear.

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