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LogiGear Announces TestArchitect 9.0

The latest edition of TestArchitect features a new cloud-based License Management Service to help customers adopt a cloud-first environment.

San Mateo, CA , February 1, 2021 - LogiGear, a global leader in Software Testing solutions, today announced the newest release of its flagship TestArchitect™ Enterprise product, TestArchitect Enterprise 9.0. This new TestArchitect Enterprise version features major improvements that help LogiGear’s enterprise customers move fast in their DevOps and Digital Transformation journey.

“We embrace companies transitioning to a cloud-first mindset, and are evolving TestArchitect to meet such new expectations that go along with it…. The new SaaS based Licence Management Service will enable TestArchitect customers to manage their QA and their cost more effectively.” said Clayton Simmons, LogiGear’s SVP of Business Solutions.

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Key New Features

  • TestArchitect Web Recorder: With TestArchitect Web Recorder, automation engineers speed up their test creation process significantly by recording the manual interactions with their web apps and automatically generating automation scripts.
  • Cloud-based License Management Service (LMS): LogiGear has deployed its brand new License Management Service to the cloud. This SaaS based service will help LogiGear customers to conveniently manage their software licenses and their cost with greater flexibility and availability.
  • Azure DevOps Services (ADO) Integration: Customers who are currently using Microsoft Azure DevOps Services (cloud-based) can now integrate their work processes with TestArchitect to efficiently manage their automated tests, trigger TestArchitect automation runs, and upload TestArchitect results back to ADO via REST API.
  • LogiGear App Center: LogiGear also took this opportunity to release its new App Center on which users can access the latest LogiGear software including TestArchitect Enterprise, TestArchitect Gondola and other LogiGear products. Check out the new LogiGear App Center here:

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