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Management Team

Hung Q. Nguyen
Chief Executive Officer

Hung Nguyen co-founded LogiGear in 1994, and is responsible for the company’s strategic direction and executive business management.

Michael Hackett
Senior Executive Vice President

Michael Hackett is also a co-founder of LogiGear, and has over 2 decades of experience in software engineering in banking, securities, healthcare, and consumer electronics.

Hans Buwalda
Chief Technical Officer

Hans Buwalda leads LogiGear’s research and development of Test Automation solutions, the delivery of advanced Test Automation consulting, and engineering services.

Salvador Sandoval
Sr. VP of Global Delivery / Head of Software Testing and Automation

Salvador Sandoval is responsible for devising organizational and service delivery strategies: building, cultivating, and continually increasing LogiGear’s capabilities.

Chief Strategy Officer, Product Head

Woody Deguchi joined LogiGear in 2019 to provide strategic direction for the next stage of LogiGear’s growth. He is responsible for strategic business development initiatives to grow revenue beyond LogiGear’s current market.

In addition, he will be leveraging LogiGear’s new partnership with Digital Hearts in Japan. Finally, Woody will be working hand-in-hand with the product team to ensure that LogiGear continues to lead the market in Software Test Automation.

Sr. VP Business Solutions and Sales Operations

Clayton Simmons has 10+ years in Enterprise Services Business. Clayton serves as Sr. VP of Business Solutions & Sales Operations for LogiGear.

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