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Why work with us

Top 10 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Work For LogiGear

You may hear from someone or somewhere around the town about LogiGear, good or bad. We would love to widen your consideration with a “10-point Warning” before you make a remarkable decision.

We don’t have a good career path for you, we make it BEST. We think long-term. We grow you up. We competitively offer you the best we can. Most importantly, we customize a development plan to each and every individual employee; we offer you time and accommodate you with a comprehensive syllabus that covers technical, soft, and English skill training. They are on-going and in-house.

You may get overwhelmed with plenty opportunities to work on the latest technologies and coolest gadgets, meet with thought leaders and guru of the industry and work onsite or get training in overseas (US, Japan, Singapore…). We are global.

You may get exhausted with our “play & celebrating” time. Work-Life Balance is important to LogiGear. While valuing hard & smart work, we offer time, subsidize fund, and spare facilities for entertainment and meaningful body & mind building throughout activities/events such as Women’s Day, Men’s Day, Halloween Day, Sports Games (LogiGear’s Olympiad, annually), in-house flea markets, happy hours, team-building, yoga/swimming/football clubs, etc.

You may get head-ached in scheduling your vacation, where we offer you a bunch of leaves up to 16 days annually, plus a Christmas day-off with full pay beside your statutory 10 public holidays in a year.
You may get upset with our OPEN communication and FRIENDLY environment, where you can speak to/consult any levels of leadership and management at any time, including the CEO with no hindrances!

You may get tired with our often time 3day-2night eventful company trip every year.

You don’t want to be in situations where we get you covered with too many insurances: annual health check-up, annual dental check-up; life insurance when you step into the leadership team, and premium medical insurance for senior employees.

We don’t have 13th salary; we have up to 14+ month salary year-end bonus.
You can’t imagine you are able to earn more without taking on more duties, except your willingness: we perpetually launch programs such as referral bonus program where you can even win a trip to the wonderful Bali, we have a writing award any time when you hand in a qualified tech article, we have quarterly bonus on your project performance, etc.

We don’t commit anything to you but a conviction that our people are most valuable assets of the company. We love to see you shine and help you succeed at LogiGear.

So, make your good choice! We wish to see you in LogiGear the soonest!