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Best 10 of LogiGear Magazine 2018

1.Pairwise Method is proposed as the best approach to use in API Testing due to its ability to generate effective test cases and secure maintainability and scalability for API testing.

2.Test design is a significant factor for automation success. Action Based Testing is a method that addresses test design challenges that are limiting to the success of Test Automation.

3.High-quality search results are an essential part of bug reporting. In order to ensure that poorly conceived or duplicate bug results are avoided, there are 4 elements to keep in mind.

4.For a better understanding of Continuous Delivery, here’s the compilation of articles, videos, and infographics that provide a wealth of knowledge about Continuous Delivery.

5.The market for ERP is exploding. However, due to the complexity of businesses and ability to customize an ERP system, a dedicated workforce is required to maintain and test it.

6.In this exclusive interview, Dave Farley, one of the godfathers of Continuous Delivery, discusses how test teams and automation are being impacted by CD/DevOps.

7.This article provides an in-depth discovery of four principles that aim to integrate Modern Agile techniques into your QA, thus maximizing function and reducing bottlenecks.

8.It’s important that you are able to build a team culture to foster collaboration. Regardless of where your team members may be located, there is a solution for every type of team.

9.Games testing is more than just playing games and finding malfunctions. Find out the most important skills, attributes, and type of mindset that every good game tester should possess.

10.Continuous Testing serves as the glue that binds together the processes of the CD pipeline. It’s also the key to successful integration of quality assurance into DevOps workflows.

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