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DevOps and Continuous Delivery are gaining traction because of its potential to deliver high quality results faster. Continuous Testing is essential to achieving success.
LogiGear's Continuous Testing solution and its full-range of testing automation services will help customers with the transformation from manual to continuous testing methods.
With the Continuous Testing solution and services, LogiGear will ease the pain of transformation for many companies.
CT is an integral part of Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices and LogiGear's experts help companies achieve maximum ROI by supporting the transformation to Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps initiatives.
CT allows for fixing errors quickly, enhancing the speed of delivery, thereby reducing time to market, allowing firms to save time and resources.
Many of our clients have used LogiGear’s TestArchitect, the automation acceleration platform that enables them to quickly develop large volumes of easy-to-maintain automated tests from day one.
LogiGear announced the launch of its Continuous Testing (CT) solution and service to enable improvements in automated testing in DevOps environments.
Using TestArchitect, LogiGear has helped leading companies such as Halliburton, McAfee, General Mills and Electronic Arts succeeded in their large-scale test automation programs.
Others have used LogiGear’s OpenSource automation solutions through our frameworks for Selenium and Web Services to precisely meet their unique needs.

LogiGear has helped countless businesses for more than 26 years optimize their testing. Get in contact with our team of experts and see how LogiGear can help you achieve success in your testing.

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