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Clients by Industry

Since 1994, LogiGear has worked with hundreds of companies from many industries, ranging from Fortune 1000 enterprises to early-stage startups. We understand the unique quality needs faced by companies in your industry, including regulatory and technical requirements.

Business Services

Computer & Networking Equipment

Consumer Electronics, Games & Entertainment

"LogiGear has been instrumental to the success of our aggressive growth strategy and will be a critical partner as we meet our ambitious product introduction goals.”

Lyndall Fry | VP of Quality Assurance

eCommerce, Retail and Distribution

Education & Publishing

"I enjoyed working with LogiGear and was struck by their patience and thoroughness in moving from the beginning to the end of our testing process. Their ability to establish relevant test cases proved to be invaluable. We received regular tallied results and summary statements. These were useful in helping us visualize the daily progress of the LogiGear team so that we knew where we were in relation to our rather tight deadline."

Alexander S. Moseley | Department Manager of Software Quality Control

Enterprise Software

“In today’s business environment, startups must pursue an aggressive global model for software development and testing. In less than six months, LogiGear designed and delivered a powerful and global automated software testing solution that proved critical to our successful product launch.”

Adam Au | VP of Engineering
“LogiGear’s Global Test Automation solution has allowed us to increase test coverage and quality of each release, all while reducing costs. I can’t ask for more than that!”

Alan Larabee | Director of Engineering
"I was very pleased with the level of service and commitment we received from LogiGear Corporation and can recommend them to organizations in need of software testing services. Their professional staff was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the entire project, from their initial help in defining our test program, to meeting their commitments on time. I was impressed with how well the LogiGear staff worked with both our system and our engineers. They even gave us extra service and help where we needed it."

Jim Gemperle | Manager of Electronics and Software

Financial Services

"We at Financial Engines have worked with LogiGear for several release cycles now, and found them to provide great flexibility and to rapidly meet our testing needs. They do a good job both executing test plans we give them and constructing their own test plans from written product specifications. They go out of their way to understand our needs and meet them effectively. The testing staff has high standards and produces well-written and useful bug reports. Working with them has also had the benefit of streamlining and optimizing our internal processes. In summary, I recommend LogiGear to any QA organization which needs the added flexibility and power of an outside testing house."

Ken Grossenbacher | QA Manager


Healthcare & Pharmaceutical


Interactive Agencies

Life Sciences Industry