Dimension products for JD Edwards and Oracle Fusion Cloud

DWS has created the Dimension suite of products to significantly enhance the JD Edwards & Oracle Fusion Cloud testing experience. The range of products include tools for test automation, load testing, test design, change impact assessment, and more.

Dimension Professional

Dimension Professional

Dimension Professional is a suite of tools that allow DWS to fully manage and fix the price and timescale of the modifications uplift component of an EnterpriseOne upgrade. Utilizing a best-upgrade approach, the Dimension Professional toolkit also enables DWS to deliver the lowest defect levels in the industry.

Dimension Focus

Dimension Focus is the first product available to JD Edwards customers that will forensically analyze your entire EnterpriseOne system to identify exactly which objects are impacted when you make a change. This insight not only helps you understand the business impact of the proposed change, but can also be used to inform your test planning and management, so you only test what needs testing.

Dimension Focus
Dimension Analyze

Dimension Analyze

If you're planning an upgrade or code-current retrofit project, we're offering a free initial Dimension Analyze audit to provide a high-level overview of your modified footprint. Dimension Analyze is a software-led service that enables customers to audit and estimate their EnterpriseOne upgrades to a level of accuracy previously unseen. The service, leveraging our proprietary tools, was first introduced in 2007 to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers and has now been used by 150+ customers Worldwide. Today, it is the leading Audit & Scoping service in the JD Edwards market place.

Dimension LoadTest

Dimension LoadTest enables users to simulate load from a wide range of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne supported applications. Virtual agents can be spun up to simulate workloads from on-premises or cloud-based applications; allowing users to go live with confidence and providing a greater level of quality assurance and risk management.

Dimension LoadTest
Dimension SwifTest

Dimension SwifTest

Dimension SwifTest is an Oracle test automation tool designed with the non-technical user in mind. If you use Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps regularly in your day job, you will be able to use SwifTest with ease; with no need to get involved with any technical scripting tools.

Automation made easy

SwifTest uses unique scanning technology to automate the generation of test scripts for all test scenarios.

Simple No-Code Solution

SwifTest is the easiest way to set up and execute your testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers.

Precise Issue Detection

SwifTest pinpoints all test failures with user-friendly information, so testers have everything they need to correct the issue.

Key Features

Just a few of the key features in SwifTest

Code-free test automation

With Dimension SwifTest, no coding experience is required. Intuitive point and click software will allow you to get up and running in no time.

Works Perfectly with Oracle Cloud

When creating scripts, Dimension SwifTest reads and understands what's on every page of your application.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Integration

SwifTest recognizes and works seamlessly with the fields and components native to JD Edwards.

Powerful Scripting Tools

Build your suite of tests with logic control actions, test queues and scheduled execution.

Static and Runtime Datastores

Utilise datastores to perform test execution with static and dynamic data to create real-life test scenarios.

Security, Governance and Compliance

Dimension SwifTest is ISO27001 accredited, so you can be sure that your data is secure.

Granular Tests

Individual tests can be generated, then combined with the Test Queue functionality to create full end-to-end processes.

Extensive Automated Documentation

Dimension SwifTest is the gold standard for automated document creation. In-built test reporting functionality makes it easy to understand and maintain tests, leaving a comprehensive and usable audit trail of results.

Simple Updates

Powerful Search and Replace functionality makes it easy to update multiple actions in test scripts at once.

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