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Guide to Automated
Voice App Testing
Are you looking for a solution to test your voice apps across different devices and platforms?
Then you’re in luck—we created the Guide to Automated Voice App Testing Series just for you. This is the first of a 14-part series. Each week, we’ll send you information on everything that you need to know about automated testing for voice apps.

Here’s just a few things that our guide contains

The basics of testing voice apps

Voice apps testing challenges

Tools for basic testing needs

Manual testing drawbacks

Automation strengths

Pros and cons of manual vs. automation testing of voice-first apps

API testing for Alexa skills

Automated voice testing – approach

Automated voice testing – implementation challenges

A case study on automated testing – the Pizzamia skill

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Whether you’re new or experienced in testing voice apps, such as Alexa skill or Google Home actions, this series will give you a holistic view of the challenges of executing software testing for voice-based apps. It also explores some of the basic test tools you’ll need during development and concludes with how to meld different automated testing tools & methods together to build an effective test strategy.

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