Collaborated with Orb Health to revamp healthcare platform for enhanced user experience and features




United States

Company size

100 - 200 employees

About our Customer

Orb Health is a healthcare technology and service company that focuses on transforming the delivery of healthcare through innovative solutions and a patient-centric approach.

The Challenge

  • Experienced difficulty in managing patient profiles, including personal and health records
  • Faced challenges in patient-care team communication, including offline message notifications
  • Encountered difficulty in identifying and enrolling qualifying patients into Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs
  • Faced challenges in creating patient care plans for efficient healthcare services

The Solution

  • Developed an efficient patient information management system that allowed easy profile search and access, and automatically integrated personal and medical records.
  • Created an automated process to identify CCM-eligible patients and invited them to relevant programs
  • Implemented a system that enabled doctors and healthcare staff to easily create and maintain care pns and sent notifications to patients for medication and care activities based on defined schedules.
  • Provided a chat tool for patient-care team communication and sent email and alert notifications for unread messages when patients were offline

Utilizing cloud computing and database solutions LogiGear optimized the information management system to be both more efficient and effective.  

The Result

Patient Profile

  • Managers could search and access patients’ profiles under their practice.
  • Providers could search and access patients under their care team.
  • Patient profile were integrated personal information and health care records.

Time Tracking and Billing

  • Providers could track their spending time for serving patients under their care team.
  • Doctors could approve time entries and send the billing to an outside insurance system.

Engagement and Clinical Care Plan for Patients

  • Doctors and care staff created and maintained a care plan for patients under their care team.
  • Notifications could be sent to patients to remind for medication and care activities based on the defined schedule from the care plan.

Chat with Care Team

  • The patient and care team could communicate together through chat tool.
  • Email and alert notifications would be sent for unread messages if patients are not online to receive new messages.

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