Established a centralized data warehouse for comprehensive information management





Company size

200 - 500 employees


About our Customer

Pacific Healthcare is well known for providing the best sales and marketing services within the healthcare industry; offering a wide variety of healthcare products and services through trusted partners and people that care about their communities.

The Challenge

The customer’s data was stored in various disparate locations, making it challenging to query and collect data. Therefore, the client wanted to establish a data warehouse to centralize all the information in one place

The Solution

  • Proposed to build crawlers to collect data from multiple sources, refine and format the data.
  • Inserted the data into a repository referred to as the data warehouse.
  • Utilized Power BI to visualize the data for end-users.
  • Created a website for employees can update and add data to the data warehouse

The Results

  • A warehouse database was established to store all kinds of relevant data such as sales, products, customers, etc
  • Employees could view reports and create new data from the data warehouse, making daily tasks smoother.
  • Allowed users to import data by uploading massive data from Excel files

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