Implementing Salesforce CRM for higher education organization




Viet Nam

Company size

Over 50 employees

About our Customer

Fulbright University Vietnam (FUV – Client) is a private non-profit university in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They are one of Vietnam’s first private, non-profit institutions of higher education

The Challenge

Client want to manage the whole student lifecycle on Salesforce CRM with features:

  • The system can also automatically calculate grades (based on the school’s formula) to determine pass or fail results and send the results to students via email
  • Students need a place to easily access personal information, school information, course details, class schedules, study materials as well as semester results and school contact information as well as request support from the school

The Solution

  • Implemented Salesforce Community Cloud for a student portal, enabling login, question asking, and answer searching
  • Integrated with LMS (Learning management system) for student management
  • Building the scoring module of the student study program
  • Customized admission system to import prospect student data from online channels into Salesforce CRM (comments, remarks, status)

The Result

  • Providing automated class schedules and result notifications via email improves the convenience and overall experience for students.
  • Integration with a Learning Management System (LMS) improves student management, ensuring efficient and up-to-date student information.
  • Automated grading and billing processes streamline administrative tasks, saving time and resources.

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