LogiGear performs cross-platform Selenium automation for Fortune 100 client.




Nebraska, USA

Company size

2.000 employees

About our Customer

Our client has over 100 years in the food industry, while maintaining a reputation of excellence and the finest quality gourmet foods. Their website allows for customers to browse through their selection of foods, as well as purchase through a secured system. Through email features, customers can receive quick responses to customer service questions, recipes, and company information.

  • Consulting Services and Training
  • Website Automation Testing using Selenium

•  Bugs reported in daily and weekly status reports
•  Innovative, stable cross-platform integration for test cases

The Challenges

As a means of enhancing customer experience, the client wanted to improve the efficiency of their website and its features. The client sought out a testing vendor, who could conduct Automated Testing for their website across various webpage features over multiple platforms, browsers, and devices. The website features were all tightly connected in a complex system that called for expanded test cases to properly cover all features, which further complicated the situation.

The Solutions

The client, after providing LogiGear with essential information about their needs, opted for Selenium as the best choice for Automation Testing. LogiGear’s Selenium Automation solutions proved cost-effective and ready-to-use, streamlining regression suite creation and maintenance across various platforms. Focusing on critical features like “add to cart” and “checkout,” LogiGear ensured seamless integration with linked functionalities such as payment, product selection, and inventory quantity. The decision to go with the Selenium framework marked a significant success for both the client and LogiGear, enabling immediate testing without the need for learning a new, in-house framework. LogiGear’s team also imparted best practices to the client’s in-house team, ensuring efficiency in terms of both time and cost.

The Results

During the testing schedule, test cases were performed on 11 different test platforms. Because of LogiGear’s Selenium framework, the same sets test cases were able to be run on Windows and Mac, desktop browsers and mobile browsers, and iOS and Android without any issues about cross-platform integration; this was quite an innovative solution, since this degree of cross-platform integration, while widely producible, is not typically as maintainable nor scalable as the solution created by the LogiGear team. Any bugs or errors found were noted and reported to the client in a timely manner; the bug reports included descriptions, severity levels, screenshots, version number, and more relevant information. Status reports were updated both daily and weekly to assure that the client’s website was held to the high standard of quality as the client’s food products were.