Manual game testing generated 431 test cases and identified over 650 bugs for the game client


Product & Game testing​


United Kingdom

Company size

51-200 employees

About our Customer

Our client is a rapidly growing studio in the UK gaming industry, based in Central Brighton, England. Operating as an independent game development studio, they first found success with their acclaimed racing games released in 2019. One of these games immerses players in a street racing environment and is available globally on iOS and Android devices, while the other brings the world’s top-selling toy into a digital racing experience.

The Challenge

  • Our client is one of the fastest-growing studios in the UK gaming industry, situated in Central Brighton, England. As an independent game development studio, they achieved early success with their popular racing games launched in 2019. One game features street racing on iOS and Android devices, while the other has transformed the world’s top-selling toy into a digital racing game.
  • The client aimed to lead testing for their inaugural title on Apple’s new Apple Arcade. Having previously tested a AAA game for the studio with success, they entrusted LogiGear’s proven quality and efficiency to excel in this project. The client sought assurance that their game would run smoothly across various iOS devices, facilitating its submission to the Apple Arcade.

The Solution

To ensure quality and efficient testing, our client’s test plans were executed in three sub-projects: Core, Multiplayer, and Apple Certificate.

  • Core: The primary focus areas were to ensure seamless installation and launch of the new build. Additionally, the team validated buttons, screen transitions, navigation, text, and images on each screen. LogiGear also conducted tests to ensure that all player achievements were properly saved on the device or in iCloud.
  • Multiplayer: This phase necessitated collaborative teamwork among testers, as they would be playing the same game mode together to achieve a common goal. The focus areas included online (Wi-Fi) or nearby (Bluetooth) connections.
  • Apple Certificate: This phase required testers with knowledge or experience in Apple Arcade to ensure compliance with all terms and conditions stipulated by Apple Arcade.

By dividing the project into three sub-projects, the LogiGear team ensured that all features and functionalities of the various gameplay modes operated as intended.

The Result

So far, LogiGear has discovered an average of 10 bugs per day, totaling 655 bugs found. Additionally, the company has created approximately 431 test cases for the client to date.

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