The mobile service provider leverages turnkey test automation to cover the product in just 2 working days


Technology & Software


United States

Company size

1,001 - 5,000 employees

About our Customer

Leap Wireless is largest telecommunications provided wireless services to approximately 4.6 million subscribers through its subsidiary, Leap provides innovative, high-value wireless services to a young and ethnically diverse customer base. With the value of unlimited wireless services as the foundation of its business, Leap pioneered its Cricket service

The Challenge

Leap Wireless needed a solution to provide increased test coverage and effectiveness for their high-traffic, frequently updated customer service portal. The customer sought a solution that would provide:

  • Complete test coverage of the entire portal in days, not weeks
  • An automation solution that could seamlessly handle the Web-based
  • Front end as well as the legacy back end of their system
  • A strategy for leveraging offshore testing to reduce QA costs
  • Access to best-of-breed software testing expertise

The Solution

  • LogiGear has designed the TestArchitect toolset for integrated test design, automation and management, with customized test automation development to handle Leap’s legacy system
  • This tool provided the customer with an accessible method for manageable test automation development to expand and conduct testing activities on new updates from the client
  • Tests were developed and executed at the LogiGear Center in Vietnam, as well as LogiGear Headquarters in California, to provide both cost savings and access to unparalleled testing expertise

The Result

  • Leap Wireless obtained over 1,000 test cases that provide complete test coverage of their portal in less than two days and can be easily expanded to cover any following developments
  • The client’s remaining testing activities were efficiently handled by LogiGear’s offshore teams, both in manual and automation test. Thus, Leap’s in-house QA department could focus limited time and resources on the most critical tasks

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