Mx Logic leverages turnkey automation solution to increase automation coverage to 90%


Security services provider


Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Company size

501 - 1,000 employees


About our Customer

MX Logic, Inc. offers managed email and web security services in the United States and internationally. It provides Email Defense Solutions that protect against email-borne threats and assist businesses in meeting compliance regulations through email storage, retrieval, and surveillance.

The Challenge

MX Logic had to manually execute a suite of 423 software tests to assess its security software, which proved to be extremely time-consuming due to:

  • Manual testing of their software’s functionality was consuming approximately 240 person-hours.
  •  Build acceptance testing was conducted on an ad-hoc basis, depending on time availability.

The Solution

LogiGear implemented an automated testing program for MX Logic utilizing low-cost offshore testing resources in Vietnam and TestArchitect.

As a result, the client was able to automate all existing manual test cases, including acceptance test cases, and expand to a total of 945 automated scripts.

The Result

With TestArchitect, test coverage increased by 40%, and it took only about 150 machine hours to fully execute, compared to 500 person-hours when working manually.

Additionally, the acceptance test scripts required only 2 machine hours instead of 8 hours of manual testing.

As a result, the client’s testing costs could have been reduced by about $1 million or more.

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