Over 1,300 test cases across multiple environments and 460 bugs found and resolved


E-commerce & Food


United States

Company size

Over 200 employees

About our Customer

Our client operates a network of specialty/import retail stores through online and offline channels. They sought a versatile and comprehensive tool, complemented by robust system management, to assess and appraise the quality of their software and web-based applications. Additionally, to handle multi-user systems, the client aimed for efficient testing capabilities across various browsers and mobile operating systems.

The Challenge

  • Our client provides a chain of specialty/import retail stores via both online and offline channels. Our client needed a comprehensive yet flexible tool, combined with powerful system management to measure and evaluate the quality of their software and web-based application. To manage multi-user systems, the client also desired the capability to efficiently test across multiple browsers and various mobile operating systems.
  • Their current e-commerce platform was built on completely integrated software that runs on Windows, Unix/Linux systems, mobile, Java, and web-based applications. Due to the many support platforms, testing processes looked extremely complex. To properly and efficiently test across all of the supported platforms, a variety of tools would be utilized to verify the functional, load, and security testing before each release. It made for a challenging workload of testing procedures and management tasks.

The Solution

The LogiGear QA Team tested the client’s e-commerce platform within the client’s testing environment, with their main responsibilities being creating and executing test cases.

Furthermore, the team verified the production environment for many activities. For each e-commerce release, regression and performance are performed to validate their functionalities. Ad-hoc and regression tests were also conducted on kiosk screens and in-store employee tablets.

One noteworthy task LogiGear also troubleshot the client’s integrated 3rd-party systems, ensuring seamless integration with the client’s software and web-based applications.

The Result

During the entire engagement, the LogiGear QA Team performed a total of 1,392 test cases; 398 of these test cases were run across 14 OS/Browsers for each release.

As a result, 460 bugs were discovered, reported, and fixed. All QA tasks (designing and executing test cases, implementation, and reporting) were conducted by the LogiGear Team in compliance with the client’s timetable.

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