Salesforce Service Cloud for End-to-end process automation in Call-Centre




Viet Nam

Company size

501 - 1,000 employees.

About our Customer

Uniexport is one of the leading suppliers of biomass energy and wooden products in Vietnam. With the mission of turning wood waste into new source of renewable energy and environmental-friendly products, we focus on the sustainable development to minimise the release of greenhouse emissions and the use of chemicals and plastic for a green life.

The Challenge

  • Customer requests across platforms are currently fragmented, making it challenging for customer service staff to collect requests. Therefore, the client is looking for a solution that can aggregate all their customer’s inquiries via web, email and phone call, into one central platform.
  • The process of collecting requests is relatively manual, and the assignment process for customer service representatives is not standardized, resulting in time-consuming operations. Therefore, there is a desire to automate the assignment process for customer service requests.

The Solution

To assist the customer in resolving the issue, the Salesforce team implemented the following solutions:

  • Implement user stories (Visualforce, Lightning Component, Community Lightning Page, Apex Trigger/Batch, Process Builder)
  • Configure objects (fields, validation rules), and automation processes according to requirements
  • Custom metadata types, and custom settings in Salesforce CRM Platform
  • Deployment: Changes Sets, Workbench, Salesforce CLI tool

The Result

  • Unified handling of customer inquiries across different platforms results in a smoother and more responsive customer service experience.
  • The automation and streamlining of the request collection process reduce turnaround times, ensuring that customer requests are addressed promptly.
  • The flexibility of custom metadata types and settings allows for tailored solutions that align with the customer’s unique requirements
  • Effective deployment methods lead to improved operational efficiency, saving time and resources.

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