Septech enables agile development for its customers by using TestArchitect to reduce testing costs by 75%


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Company size

Over 200 employees

About our Customer

SEP Technology Consulting is a consulting firm that provides strategic, implementation, and talent services to businesses. They help clients improve business performance, achieve strategic goals, and develop their organizations.

The Challenge

Septech needed a comprehensive and flexible tool, along with a powerful issue management system, to measure and evaluate software quality based on trend analytics.

To handle multi-user systems, Septech also needed capabilities to efficiently test across multiple browsers, various mobile operating systems, and PC applications.

Another critical requirement was that the solution had to be delivered in a cost-effective and timely manner to establish a robust and reliable service offering for Septech’s clientele.

The Solution

After consulting with LogiGear and leveraging the core functionalities of TestArchitect, Septech decided to expand the libraries of this tool. As a result, LogiGear built customized reusable test actions for the clients and their applications.

Using TestArchitect, Septech staff were able to create complex test cases for conducting multiple-user sessions through a single test suite.

Furthermore, TestArchitect, with its library of over 400 pre-built actions, can be utilized to develop a layered combination of generic and client-specific libraries. All data is stored in TestArchitect’s repository and is available on-demand for their clients’ testing teams.

The Result

This tool has accelerated customer projects, minimized delays, and lowered costs. TestArchitect has empowered the remaining Septech staff to efficiently meet demanding client needs and aggressive deadlines, thereby enhancing productivity.

TestArchitect has enabled client internal manual testers to utilize the tool, reducing the necessity to hire additional automation engineers. They can perform various testing activities such as functional, API, web services, mobile, and image comparison testing independently. They can also conduct tests across different environment types, including on-premise, cloud, distributed, web, desktop, and mobile, and develop a regression testing suite.

Septech has further utilized TestArchitect to develop testing libraries for Accela (a custom off-the-shelf product) and applied it across various client projects.

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