LogiGear’s Game Testing Uncovers 650+ Bugs for UK Gaming Client




Brighton, East Sussex, England

Company size

51-200 employees

About our Customer

Our client is a rapidly growing studio within the UK gaming industry, located in Central Brighton, England. Functioning as an independent game development studio, they initially achieved success with their acclaimed racing games launched in 2019. One of these games is immersed in a street racing environment and is globally accessible on iOS and Android devices, while the other transforms the world’s top-selling toy into a digital racing experience.

  • Test plan execution
  • Daily status reports: project status done for the day/issues found and plan for the next working day
  •  ~10 bugs found each day
  • ~655 total bugs found so far
  • ~431 test cases created so far

The Challenges

Our client has been honored with the ‘Best Places to Work in the UK Games Industry’ awards for two consecutive years. Currently, they are poised to embark on testing their inaugural title for Apple’s new Apple Arcade platform. Building on LogiGear’s successful testing of a previous AAA game for the studio, our client places trust in LogiGear’s proven track record of delivering quality and efficiency. The objective is to ensure seamless performance across various iOS devices, with the ultimate goal of submitting their game to the Apple Arcade.

The Solutions

To ensure quality and efficient testing, our client’s test plans were executed in 3 sub-projects: Core, Multiplayer, and Apple Certificate.


This phase required testers with good racing skills. Depending on the game mode, they had various goals, from defeating opponents, to time trials, to hitting targets. The areas of focus here were:

Install and Setup:

  • Verify the seamless installation of the new build.
  • Confirm that launching the build occurs without encountering any issues.

Main Menu:

  • Scrutinize the functionality of buttons, screen transitions, navigation, and the correct display of text and images on each screen.

Save Game Function:

  • Ensure the secure saving of all player achievements on the device or in iCloud.

Race Mode:

  • Confirm that both players and opponents can successfully complete races on all maps.

Game Mode

  • Validate that the intended goals of each game mode operate as intended.

Cars and Livery:

  • Verify the accurate display of the car’s skin and color on the car preview screen and during gameplay on different maps.


  • Ensure the player can join the room and wait for other players based on network (Wi-Fi).


  • Ensure the player can join the room with other players based on Bluetooth.

Online Party:

  • Ensure that one player (“Host”) can create a room with a specific code and that others can join with the code.

Apple Certificate.

  • This phase required testers who have knowledge or experience with Apple Arcade to ensure compliance with all terms and conditions set forth by Apple Arcade.


This phase required testers who are good at teamwork as they would be playing the same game mode together to accomplish a goal. The areas of focus here were:

Dividing the project into three sub-projects, the LogiGear team efficiently tested various gameplay modes, ensuring all features worked as intended. Test cases were executed based on the client’s plan, with a specific Multiplayer test plan created from the reference page’s flow chart. The final phase focused on comprehensive testing to meet Apple Arcade requirements.

Client-designed test plans and reference pages, updated daily, guided the testing process. Test builds were received from TestFlights or AppCenter, with the team cross-checking the reference page for design changes before executing the plan. Daily status reports maintained communication, summarizing progress, issues, and plans for the next day.

For each new build, the team required approximately three days for testing. Common tasks included bug retesting, bug fix verification, Smoke Test Plans for main functionalities, and Full Feature Test Plans for detailed checks. Performance Checks before releases provided client information on the game’s performance. This approach ensured thorough testing and streamlined communication throughout the project.

The Results

LogiGear has been working with our client since July 2019. Since then, our client has been happy with LogiGear’s contributions and reliability to complete testing on this project. Here’s what our client has to say about their experience:

*[LogiGear has] really contributed and helped the project make great progress and I am really pleased with [their] efficiency please keep up the great work!"

This continues to be an ongoing project for LogiGear, as this project will not be released until early 2021. Thus far, LogiGear has found 10 bugs each day for a total of about 655 bugs found. In addition, LogiGear has created about 431 test cases for our client as of now.