SepTech enables agile development for their customers by using TestArchitect to reduce testing costs by 75%.


Technology Consulting


United States

Company size

11-50 employees


About our Customer

Septech is Corporated in 1997 has emerged as one of the leading water and marine infrastructure companies in the Middle East. With offices in 7 countries and 2 purpose-built manufacturing centers, Septech has provided a comprehensive suite of infrastructure solutions to Governments, Developers and Industrial clients. Septech’s interests include: Precast Infrastructure, Desalination, Marine Infrastructure, Marine treatment, Utilities Management

By becoming a consulting partner of TestArchitect™, SEP Technology Consulting was able to offer its clients a quick and affordable solution to automate and maintain their tests. This was achieved by combining their expertise in Accela Configuration and Test Automation.

TestArchitect™ empowered SEP Technology Consulting to develop a robust test toolkit and libraries tailored to its COTS specializations. This led to a substantial reduction in the time required to create and maintain automated tests for clients. Consequently, this translated into accelerated product releases and a diminished risk of delivery delays.

The Challenges

SEPTech specializes in providing software implementation and test automation services across the United States, prioritizing the definition of clients’ business problems and designing resilient solutions. Embracing Agile Development, SEPTech focuses on maximizing client satisfaction.

Recognizing the vital role of Test Automation in Agile Development, SEPTech adopts an organized approach using both tools and methodologies to systematically analyze target applications and create efficient automated testing suites. Their vision is to enhance automation engineers’ productivity, increase throughput in creating and maintaining test suites, and implement a structured approach for seamless testing across multiple browsers. Automation engineers collaborate with application developers during sprints, ensuring continuous regression testing.

After exploring various solutions, SEPTech found TestArchitect to be the ideal fit. Its proprietary Action-Based Testing methodology and keyword-driven testing approach align seamlessly with SEPTech’s needs, enabling efficient testing while reducing the need for extensive programming. Impressed with TestArchitect’s success, SEPTech became a Value-Added Reseller (VAR), leveraging LogiGear’s capabilities, including the TestArchitect support team, to enhance automation implementation and offer customized services to clients.

The Solutions

TestArchitect seamlessly integrates with SEPTech’s implementation methodologies, emphasizing modularity and reusability. Its adaptability to application changes reduces maintenance, ensuring a reliable testing suite for robust customer reporting.

The use of TestArchitect’s test actions empowers manual testers, minimizing the need for additional automation engineers. The resilience and easy maintenance of these test cases accelerate projects, reduce delays, and cut costs, enhancing SEPTech’s overall productivity.

In collaboration with LogiGear, SEPTech builds custom reusable test action libraries to extend product capabilities. Using TestArchitect, SEPTech staff creates intricate test cases for multiple-user sessions, leveraging a pre-built library for on-demand access by their client’s testing teams.

The Results

SEPTech has been utilizing TestArchitect since 2016, implementing it across diverse projects. The automation efforts have covered various testing needs, including functional testing, API testing, Web Services testing, Mobile testing, and Image comparison testing. These tests span different environment types, including on-premise, cloud, distributed, web, desktop, and mobile.

SEPTech’s staff effectively leverages these tests and their components to implement newer ones within the same project and extend them to new projects. Here are some examples of the diverse applications of TestArchitect:

  1. SEPTech employed TestArchitect to test a complex web application with customizable screens and drag-and-drop features synchronized through middleware. The tool facilitated sophisticated test cases for user interaction, dynamic application behavior, and result verification across users.

  2. SEPTech successfully developed test case segments within each project, incrementally building a regression testing suite. This segment-by-segment approach, implemented in each sprint, also served as regression testing for subsequent sprints.

  3. TestArchitect was crucial in creating testing libraries for Accela, utilized across various client projects. SEPTech efficiently released upgraded test libraries aligned with Accela product releases, ensuring prompt upgrades for all clients.

The ease of implementation and TestArchitect’s cross-platform capabilities allowed seamless integration with various tools and teams, providing a turnkey testing solution for SEPTech’s clientele. Automated tasks with TestArchitect scripts further enhanced their efficiencies in configuring Accela.

AUT Release Cycle 1

  • Number of Build Tests: 297
  • Number of Defects Found: 166
  • Number of Automated Tests Run: 136,414

AUT Release Cycle 2

  •  Number of Build Tests: 229
  •  Number of Defects Found: 95
  • Number of Automated Tests Run: 82,309