Industry Experience

LogiGear offers solutions that streamline your business processes and minimize downtime. Our managed IT services and communication solutions can help transform and grow your business. We work with you to create customized IT and communication solutions within your budget.


The healthcare industry has undergone a remarkable digital transformation, revolutionizing research and development to offer improvements in patient care, enhanced operational efficiency, and cost savings. Patients also seek high-quality and personalized care services anytime, anywhere, and at affordable costs. Digital transformation has played an essential role in advancing the industry, enabling unprecedented levels of data collection, analysis, and collaboration
With a team of dedicated professionals and experts in both the healthcare and software development domains, LogiGear is committed to delivering innovative, efficient, and secure software development services/solutions compliant with HIPAA for the healthcare industry, including:
  • Electronic health records (EHR) systems
  • Chronic care management system
  • Patient management software
  • Telehealth 
  • Telemedicine
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Automatic health diagnostics

Finance & Banking

The finance and banking industry is undergoing significant and rapid changes. Customer expectations are shifting towards digitalization, with banking services becoming increasingly integrated with other sectors. This necessitates banks and financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation, keep pace with the speed of changes, and expand their traditional boundaries to build cross-industry ecosystems and create value at every stage of the customer journey.
LogiGear helps financial institutions navigate complex transformational journeys to make end-to-end transformation a reality. At LogiGear, we offer various software services and digital transformation solutions for financial institutions
    • Online and Mobile Banking Apps
    • Open banking and API integration 
    • New-generation engagement banking platform (Backbase)
    • New application development
    • Digital Identity Verification (KYC)
    • Data and cloud migration
    • Payment gateway integration

    High Technology

    The High-Tech industry is leading businesses across the world into transformation and growth. However, as the world and business models change rapidly, software applications need to adapt quickly to the new changes. High-Tech businesses need to accelerate innovation, focusing on as-a-service models and ecosystem plays. They must develop innovative solutions for the industries they serve and provide their clients with the agility to embrace this change.
    LogiGear has helped more than 200 high-tech businesses across various industries, including manufacturers, IoT, WiFi, and network technology companies, energy, financial, insurance, software, and professional services. We assist our customers in meeting sustainable goals by providing strategic roadmaps, planning, and implementation services leveraging our in-depth technology knowledge and proven methodology to deliver high-quality products.
    • Strategic product roadmap and planning
    • Product requirement specification development
    • UI/UX research and design
    • Web/Mobile Application Development 
    • Continuous Product integration and Deployment
    • Data migration and cloud management

    Oil & Gas

    The Oil & Gas industry plays a pivotal role in the global economy, serving as a primary source of energy for various sectors. This dynamic sector involves the exploration, extraction, refining, and distribution of petroleum products, including oil and natural gas. Companies within this industry face complex challenges such as fluctuating commodity prices, regulatory compliance, and the need for innovative technologies to enhance operational efficiency and safety.
    LogiGear has been a crucial partner to the Oil & Gas industry:
      • Solutions to streamline operations and optimize performance
      • Leverage their expertise in software testing and test automation
      • Enhance efficiency & reliability of critical systems