ML & AI Model Training

Optimize operations, automate processes and open new revenue streams for your business with Artificial Intelligence development and Machine Learning

Key Features

Improve your business outcomes with cutting-edge AI technologies

Fast data-driven decisions

Make informed impactful decisions with insights gained from AI and Machine Learning development

Automation and optimization

Drive business innovation, efficiency, and sustainability by automating internal processes, eliminating manual work, and boosting employee productivity

Data monetization and revenue growth

Increase your profits by optimizing operations and expenses, improving customer satisfaction with personalized experiences, conducting effective marketing, and more

Faster ML & AI adoption with effective team scaling

Expand your team with our experienced specialists who can help you streamline your Artificial Intelligence development and ML

Your ML & AI Journey

Effective Strategy

Adoption strategy design

  • Defining, qualifying, and prioritizing use-cases and objectives
  • Vision for Artificial Intelligence development
  • PoC and cost estimation
  • ML & AI solution architecture design
  • Tech stack and team composition
  • Roadmap and timelines
  • Model governance
  • Framing ModelOps cycle, ML Model Governance, and managing models life cycle

Adoption strategy assessment

  • Qualification of use-cases and objectives
  • ML & AI solution architecture review
  • Data strategy review
  • Roadmap and timelines assessment
  • Reviewing ModelOps practices, including ML model governance and models lifecycle management
  • AI readiness estimation
  • AI and Machine Learning development workshopst

Our ML & AI Development Capabilities

ML Models Development

Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Chatbots And Conversational AI

Recommendation Systems

Reinforcement Learning

Deploying ML To Production

Tech Stack


Cloud Environment

ELT Tool

Business Intelligence

What can LogiGear help you achieve?

You are in search of an effective digital solution that can enhance revenue growth and cost optimization. We can help you!


Capitalize On Generative AI Together With N-IX

Utilizing our deep expertise in Generative AI across various sectors, we can ignite innovation within your enterprise, transform 
workflows through intelligent automation, and significantly boost efficiency. Our consultants are adept at pinpointing the
Generative AI use cases most aligned with your business goals

MLOPS & ML & AI Maintenance

With the help of MLOps, ML, and AI maintenance, LogiGear enables stable and efficient performance across all your systems. Additionally, we ensure they are easy to scale, support, and reproduce


  • Orchestrated experiments
  • Automated ML pipelines
  • Connecting DataOps and MLOps pipelines using feature stores
  • CI/CD for Machine Learning
  • Continuous training for orchestrating and automating pipeline execution
  • ML pipeline deployment
  • Model governance
  • Developing and setting up monitoring and observability
  • Leveraging MLOps ecosystem

ML & AI maintenance

  • Monitoring data and ML model pipeline health
  • Monitoring and analyzing model performance
  • Detecting drifts in model inputs and outputs
  • Monitoring data quality
  • Model explainability
  • Performing root-cause analysis of issues in model production
  • Troubleshooting
  • Retraining models
  • Post-deployment management